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Pinterest feature let users search with their smartphone camera

The social discovery app revealed Lens, which is currently in a beta testing period. Lens lets users point their camera to an object, then the app will analyze it and

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Samsung wants to create applications for Smart TV under Tizen

Samsung unveiled a major update to its SDK for Tizen last week , which has far-reaching implications for the still-nascent operating system. The announcement regarding a new version preview of


Android Wear 2.0 clocks (smarter smartwatches)

Android Wear hasn’t exactly been a wrist-roaring success since its debut in 2014. The pressure is squarely on Google to make good with the Android Wear 2.0 software release that

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Facebook adds Community Help feature to Safety Check That Inform your friends that you are SAFE.

Facebook launched Safety Check in 2014 to help people inform friends and loved ones that they were safe following natural disasters and other crises. On Wednesday, Facebook adds a new

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Upcoming Mobile Trends AR VR Dual Cameras 2017 Smartphone Highlighted

Looking back at 2016, we saw the slow (but not very impactful) rise of VR headsets being bundled along with smartphones, and camera Quality went up even on lower-end devices. We

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Wow, This Video Show Concept Xiaomi Mobile phones with bendable screens

If earlier we had reported Xiaomi is working on a phone with a flexible screen , which is marked by the emergence of the leaked photos Xiaomi smartphone, but this

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What the developer Pokemon Go criticizes sites like PokéVision ?

These sites interfered with Pokemon Go servers.See This : Pokemon Go kill PokeVision !! The site that made 16 million visits in 6 days… This weekend, Niantic, the company that developed

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Unlock Windows 10 with a watch will soon be possible

Microsoft will open Hello functionality to connected accessories manufacturers.When Microsoft released Windows 10, it also introduced Hello, that can unlock the devices under the new operating system with biometric information

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The first race of drones controlled by the mind

Drones races start to become a fashionable sport in as and the increasing popularity of these devices, but when it comes to racing drones piloted by the spirit it deserves

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According to Snowden, do not use the new Google chat application.

According to Snowden, do not use the new Google chat application. The agenda for the coming months Google may be quite responsible. As you may already know, the American company