[CES 2015] All announcements made by Razer

And there are some that honestly worth visiting.

Razer has always been very active on the ESC and this new edition clearly not exception to the rule. As proof, the firm has benefited from the Las Vegas area for unveil its first home console, but also a new bracelet connected and even on a dedicated virtual reality platform.

Impressive, right? Certainly, and it deserved a brief summary.

Forge TV, the future of the home console?

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And start immediately with the console, and thus with the Forge TV.

It comes in the form of a compact black case marked with the seal of the firm, a box that reminds a little Apple TV.

Under the hood, we will find 805 Snapdragon SoC clocked at 2.5GHz with Adreno 420 GPU a and 2 GB of RAM . The storage space is limited to 16 GB but we will be entitled to a full connectivity including a USB 3.0 port, HDMI output and an Ethernet port.

Not surprisingly, the Forge TV is powered by Android and may therefore run all applications currently available on the Play Store. Best of all, it will be delivered with a tool specifically developed by Razer: Cortex. This is also what makes her since interest will allow it to stream games from … our computer.

Forge TV will be offered at a very aggressive price, specifically $ 99. If necessary, you can also direct you to the bundle including the console and a joystick. Then it will cost you $ 129.99. On the sidelines, Razer will also market the Turret, a special docking station comprising a keyboard and a mouse.

A more accessible electronic coach with Nabu X

As mentioned just above, Razer has also benefited from the CES 2015 to introduce a new electronic coach, Nabu X.

If it is rather like Nabu, it does not go as far, and is thus free of screen. To follow its objectives, the user will have to be content with three bright LEDs placed at the front. A buzzer will warn him in case of calls or messages. Also note that the module can be removed from the bracelet, a bit like what Sony offers on SmartBand.

The functions of this coach are quite basic. Nabu X can count our steps, estimate the number of calories burned each day and measure the quality of our sleep. All data will be synchronized to a dedicated mobile application acting dashboard.

The main advantage of the device, ultimately, it is because its price will be offered for $ 49.99. Insiders may enjoy to pick up the $ 19.99.

Razer also announced another good news is the arrival of Nabu in Europe. It is therefore a matter of months … before we can enjoy it on the old continent.

With a virtual reality hint bonus

Finally, Razer has also unveiled a new platform dedicated to virtual reality: OSVR .

Again, the manufacturer has very strong since it is associated with Sensics company to develop an ecosystem composed of multiple tools. The idea is to eventually make life easier for developers and publishers who want to invest in this market.

The icing on the cake is that this solution will be compatible with the most popular 3D engines on the sector, particularly with Unity or Unreal Engine 4.

To promote his tools to the greatest number, Razer has developed a complete kit for developers. The Hacker OSVR Dev Kit includes the development tools and a virtual reality headset with a 5.5-inch screen capable of displaying a type definition Full HD 1080p.

Headset with also three USB 3.0 ports.

Expected for the coming weeks, this kit will be offered at $ 199 and something tells me he will have no trouble finding its audience.

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