Here are 25 passwords you should avoid!

Each year the publisher Splashdata gives us the tendency password to avoid if you want to secure a minimum his account. Despite piracy cases and the warnings of experts, once again we see that there is much work to do.

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Not always easy to find a simple password to remember but difficult enough to secure his account. If there are sites to generate passwords, many users not to torture the mind and to choose the simplest possible password as evidenced by this new study Splashdata. This company specializes in managing passwords annually publishes its “top” passwords to avoid.

So we could expect a renewed interest in the security of the users to the different suites piracy cases that marked the year 2014 (Sony and Avast on the business side and the Celebgate that made ​​many victims among celebrities or Madonna end of the year), password “123456” or “password” are still widely used.

Indeed, if the 25 passwords published by Splashdata represent only 2.2% of all passwords exposed by data hacking in 2014, a rate decreased by Mark Burnett, it still represents several million users .

123456 (unchanged from 2013)
password (unchanged)
12345 (17 places)
12345678 (-1 spot)
qwerty (-1 spot)
1234567890 (unchanged from 2013)
1234 (9 places)
Baseball (new)
dragon (new)
football (new)
1234567 (-4 places)
monkey (5 places)
letmein (1 site)
abc123 (-9 places)
111111 (-8 places)
mustang (new)
Access (new)
shadow (unchanged)
master (new)
michael (new)
Superman (new)
696 969 (new)
123123 (-12 places)
Batman (new)
trustno1 (-1 spot)

If on top of the list there is no change, the password “12345” is distinguished with a jump of 17 places and finished on the podium at the expense of equally original “12345678” which appears in fourth. For the rest, we note a few entries that seem to follow the news.

On the side of the sport first, with the word “baseball” (8 th), the “football” (10 th) that benefits a year of world cup but also “michael” likely reference to Michael Schumacher. The series most pirated of 2014, Game of Thrones, has also given ideas to users since the word “dragon” made ​​a splash in the top 10 (9 th). Finally, the superheroes have also odds with the presence of “Superman” and “Batman.”

At Juicer, we advise you to go on the CNIL website that explains ”  How to build a secure password and manage its access codes  “or to use the various password generators to help you choose a good password. Finally, please enable two-factor authentication to strengthen a little more security for your different accounts. This option is available in many web giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook.

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