The head of security Google wants a 100% web-encrypted traffic

After Mobilegeddon, Google is moving to encourage website at http to https.

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Google does not have the authority to impose all webmasters recent new website for mobile phone screens.

However, it is possible to change the algorithm in a friends mobile phone version of the research. And now he did.

Since then, the mobile web page where friends can be fined labels in Google algo.

But as “Mobilegeddon” which will be the result of Armageddon next Google?

Perhaps it would be better if in future decided to change the Google algo show mercy “big” HTTPS.

Now, the site was easy Google search for hidden earlier. But for now, signs of minor importance compared to other SEO.

However, she also warned that Google will consolidate signs algorithm to determine “all website owners change from http to https”.

However, in the latest interview with Gerhard Eschelbeck, Google vice president responsible for the protection engineer with AFP, referring to the desire to see all Internet traffic “treatment”.

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