Car without driver could be hacked !!!

Getting hack her car, this may raise a smile, yet this subject is taken very seriously in the United States, not only by the authorities but also by manufacturers and even insurers …

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Cars without drivers will democratize in the years to come as some models are planned for 2020. The risk of a car hacking is not at all excluded, since they work only with a computer system . There is a real risk that hackers can take control of these cars.

Cyberattack: cars without driver could be hacked

There is at least one previous hacking of a means of transport, since recently boasted a hacker managing to hijack the airliner in which it was and have changed very temporarily its trajectory. It is therefore not unreasonable to think that with the computerization increasingly important cars, with car navigation systems and more recently with the arrival of cars without drivers, a hacker could take control of a car.

US experts are studying the issue and the FBI has warned there several months on the dangers of these vehicles for homeland security, considering the possibility of terrorist attacks using remote controlled cars without drivers. Car manufacturers are aware that zero risk does not exist and begin to implement significant resources to secure more and more embedded computing systems.

The insurance companies themselves in the United States is to rework their contracts in order to take into account these risks. The first autonomous cars should start to deploy on US roads from 2020, some even speak of 2017, in view of the competition which exists to be the first to launch their models.

The first hacker autonomous cars show a vulnerability

Companies specializing in computer security decided to test the vulnerability of driverless cars and reached rather quickly disrupt control systems. Mission Secure Inc. (MSi) and Perrone Robotics Inc., in collaboration with the University of Virginia and the US Department of Defense, for example, managed to hack the obstacle detection system to accelerate the vehicle, instead of the to curb …

The experts also managed to take control of the brake and to make an emergency braking, with all the consequences that would entail if the vehicle traveling on a highway, for example. According to experts in computer security, it is possible to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to achieve a cyber attack on a standalone vehicle. Both companies benefited from these distressing examples to reveal that they were working on solutions designed to block cyber attacks, they said ” this situation poses significant challenges and risks for the automotive industry as well as to public safety “. In view of their tests, we can only give them reason!

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