Beware of dangerous malware that affects AceDeceiver terminals iOS

A new malware has been discovered by Palo Alto Networks and exclusively affects devices running iOS. His name AceDeceiver.

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Certainly Apple seems to have become a prime target in recent times, because after the malware KeRanger we talked about in this article was the first ransomware in history to reach brand products with apple, this time it’s AceDeceiver a rather hostile malware that attacks only to Apple devices.

AceDeceiver: further evidence that malware exist at Apple

This is again Palo Alto Networks has updated the AceDeceiver threat, the second in less than a week! Some gossips say: ” Apple is no longer what it was .” It seems that mainly the democratization of products of the Cupertino company in the world, has aroused particular interest among hackers and that the firm will no longer stand behind the untouchable template image in the field of security.

What is certain is that the way to go forward to the same level iOS and Android for example, because the firm at the apple remains relatively untouched. This does not prevent the AceDeceiver malware exists and is rampant in China currently. According to some experts, the design of this malware made it relatively easy to export far and that Europe and the United States are prime targets. The greatest suspicion is recommended.

AceDeceiver the first malware to hit new terminals iOS

AceDeceiver is malware of the Trojan family and it has a feature that makes it unique and that must worry a lot of people at Apple, this is the first malware to be able to settle on a new iPhone. In the past, threats touched jailbroken Apple devices or applications came from third-party platforms. So just a page turn!

AceDeceiver uses FairPlay technology to contaminate a terminal. Paradoxically, the FairPlay DRM system is set up by the Cupertino company to secure access to applications available on the App Store. Apple sends a code to verify that you have purchased an application, it is this code that hackers hijacked and allows them to install corrupted applications. The technique is very simple, offering applications on the App Store seemingly legitimate that users download and then the code sent by iTunes is diverted to be used to authenticate other applications, malicious this time. One might compare this process to a type of attack Men In The Middle.

According to experts, the issue is still open for this summer Apple has just simply delete the applications in question. The firm, however, indicated that it was working on an update of iOS and FairPlay.

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