Wow, This Video Show Concept Xiaomi Mobile phones with bendable screens

If earlier we had reported Xiaomi is working on a phone with a flexible screen , which is marked by the emergence of the leaked photos Xiaomi smartphone, but this time no leaks were more apparent. No more photos, but a video circulated showing concept Xiaomi smartphone which has a flexible screen and a video version of the origin or source of the leaked photos.Check this out : Unlock Windows 10 with a watch will soon be possible

30-second video shows smartphone devices running the latest MIUI Xiaomi today, namely MIUI 8 then being operated by the user. It is obvious that the display can be used in a flat position and can also be operated while being bent. Some speculation expect Mi Note 2 brings the screen like this, even though it is still very much in doubt.

We also can not just believe with the leak of this video, but if this is indeed true that projects being worked by Xiaomi, then it is a very good prospect. Not only bendable course, developers must also consider suitable protection for these flexible screens that are not easily cracked.

For more details, we are just waiting until the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 glide, so we can know what the specifications that will be carried by the smartphone. If Xiaomi really soon introduce these concepts and present them in the near future, certainly it would be a blow to Samsung, LG and other companies have long thought concept phone with a flexible screen. We look forward to further news, while watching the video below.

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