Cool Hoverbike in Russian Sauce, its name “Scorpion 3”

It is a Russian company that has introduced this new model of transport: a motorcycle halfway between the hoverbike and the drone, able to fly several meters from the ground. For now we only discovered it in video, so when is the marketing?

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Hoversurf is the Russian company behind this new, rather original, means of transport. The company is specialized in large public drones and wanted to embark on the design of flying vehicles. This is done with the prototype of the Scorpion 3 which was unveiled in video. Their promise? ” Flying becomes as simple as driving a motorcycle .”
Scorpion 3 is a flying motorcycle propelled by the technology of the drone

Scorpion 3 is therefore a new form of flying vehicle, which goes beyond the hoverboard of Marty McFly and which may one day be a new category of means of transport: the hoverbike. The machine is composed of 4 propellers which allow it to rise like a drone, at 10 m of the ground for a speed of 50 km / h. It is totally electric and can lift a weight of the order of 120 kilos.

Scorpion 3 is currently intended for extreme sports, with a medium-term goal of making it a standard single-seater mode of transport. This is not yet on the agenda and for now the prototype version, beyond impressing us, also makes us ask the question of safety. The 4 hovers of the hoverbike are particularly dangerous and sharp: what happens if the driver of the vehicle falls on one of them? What happens if the driver approaches too close to people or objects?

Hoversurf ensures that it has thought and taken into account its elements thanks to an automatic safety system. The video leaves doubtful on this issue and it is probably also one of the reasons why the “motorcycle drone” Scorpion 3 is still in the prototype stage.

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