A Virus that Attack Macs Called “XAGENT”

The Russian hackers APT28, already suspected of having pirated the American presidential election are today pointed out. They would be the source of the XAgent malware that now attacks Macs and also targets personal data.

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The US security experts at Bitdefender have announced the discovery of a variant of the XAgent malware, which would have been developed by the Russian hackers of the APT28 group.

Xagent Malware

This virus attacks now to Apple and in particular the system macOS X. It would allow to steal the passwords, to recover backups saved on an iPhone or to make screenshots. This, via the classic vector of an email phishing that contains an infected file.

The malware retrieves data from the infected system and sends them to another server. Bitdefender researchers ensure that this piracy makes it possible to recover sensitive and industrial data.

The APT28 team is suspected of being commanded by the Kremlin. According to Bitdefender, the most important part of the virus is to recover the iPhone backups stored on the contaminated Mac.

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