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Ranking Attacks Doubled in the Second Half of 2016

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP) unveils its Global Threat Intelligence Trends report for the second half of 2016, revealing at the same time a doubling of ransomware attacks

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A Virus that Attack Macs Called “XAGENT”

The Russian hackers APT28, already suspected of having pirated the American presidential election are today pointed out. They would be the source of the XAgent malware that now attacks Macs

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Wow, This Video Show Concept Xiaomi Mobile phones with bendable screens

If earlier we had reported Xiaomi is working on a phone with a flexible screen , which is marked by the emergence of the leaked photos Xiaomi smartphone, but this

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Unlock Windows 10 with a watch will soon be possible

Microsoft will open Hello functionality to connected accessories manufacturers.When Microsoft released Windows 10, it also introduced Hello, that can unlock the devices under the new operating system with biometric information

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The first race of drones controlled by the mind

Drones races start to become a fashionable sport in as and the increasing popularity of these devices, but when it comes to racing drones piloted by the spirit it deserves


Opera launches VPN for iOS

The VPN Opera overcomes geographical obstacles, but it also blocks ads. Check This Out : According to Snowden, do not use the new Google chat application. Opera launches VPN for iOS

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According to Snowden, do not use the new Google chat application.

According to Snowden, do not use the new Google chat application. The agenda for the coming months Google may be quite responsible. As you may already know, the American company

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Video Editing: GoPro unveils two new applications

Originally, the GoPro cameras was geared to the professional world but to the general public excitement around these cameras, the company is now working in this direction and constantly trying

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The new iPad Pro 9.7 is not as powerful as its big brother

Billed as equivalent to the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro would ultimately not as good. During the keynote , Apple decided to reduce everything to start

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The developers are not interested too in Apple Watch

The Apple Watch does not convince developers. They are interested to benefit from the Apple TV. If iOS is often the priority of mobile application developers , it seems that they